Friday, December 7, 2012

Florida Health Plans: What are your Choices?

 Different types of Florida health plans are now widely available so you rest assured that you can pick the most suitable one for you in case you have decided to invest in a plan.  You have to make sure, however, that you gather essential information about all your choices as this can help in making the most informed choice.  It is also important for you to consider vital factors such as your budget and your own medical requirements.  This will make it easier for you to collect quotes from different companies and effectively compare them.  Among the many types of health plans in Florida are the following:

1.  Health Insurance Organization (HMO) Plan.  This refers to a managed care organization which is capable of providing care to all its clients with the help of its pre-established network consisting of approved hospitals and doctors.  What you need to do is to first select your primary care provider from the doctors in the network.  Your chosen doctor will serve as a healthcare consultant who will not only work by meeting your basic health requirements including regular checkups but will also offer referrals in case you are in great need of a specialist.  Note, however, that even if HMO plans offer adequate coverage, those with pre-existing health conditions may feel that they are being restricted because everything that they need to do regarding their health should be approved by their chosen primary care providers.

2.  Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Florida Health Plans.  These plans work a bit similarly to HMOs.  The only difference is that PPO plans are capable of offering more freedom to those who live in Florida.  This is a family health insurance which gives you and the members of your family a chance to seek the medical help of your preferred specialist without needing the referral or the approval of your primary care physician.  It should be noted that while PPO has a broad network consisting of health care providers, your entire family can still pick a doctor outside of the network.   Note, however, that this usually results to higher rates.  You should also keep in mind that PPO plans are usually offered with higher deductibles and co-payments because of the wide range of choices offered.

3.  Point of Service Health Insurance Plan.  This is one of the most popular types of Florida health plans at present.  This insurance is actually considered by many as a PPO/HMO plan hybrid.  Under this plan, you are given the chance to choose your own health care provider but you are required to ask for referrals in case you need to see a specialist.  You are allowed to choose a specialist within or outside the network but you need to first get a referral or else you will be required to pay for the total price of the treatment sought.